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Mr. Sushi, Authentic Japanese conveyor-belt sushi restaurant chain and takeaway. Fresh sashimi, nigiri, maki and wrapped rolls.

Plain and simple, sushi is good for you. Oif you enjoy sushi, you can feel good about the nutrition that it provides. The fish is low in fat, they are very rich in protein and minerals. It is high in digestible protein and low in calories.



With the refreshing taste of the east and hygienic outlook to eating fresh sushi. Opening times: Mond-Sund 11am to 10 pm. Av. El Golf 493, Surco Av. Pezet y Crl. Portillo (Grifo Repsol) San Isidro. Boulevard Sur Plaza (Only in Summer)



Central Telefonica: 213 6666 Y en todas las tiendas Rosatel.